Sunday, March 9, 2008



I think of you,
and suddenly,
I feel this sensation,
rainwater rushing,
right down my back,
an ecstasy surges.
I hear your voice,
lush and tinged peach-sweet,
calling my name, "Sarah",
and I smile from the inside out.
The way you look at me,
creates a blessed remembrance
in my spirit.
I remember..
my absolute wholeness.
And that I am, finally, home.
Every time I close my eyes,
it is you there I see,
I feel your honey sunlight following me,
through everything, even the darkness.
You walk in, cross the room,
you are here now.
Not like you ever leave me,
for you are always near.
You know how to love, see.
You know how to stay,
Not to abandon,
as if I were trash,
some gutted nothingpiece.
I touch you, take in your blue gaze,
feel your heart vibrating in me.
Leaning into your neck,
my camisole strap falling,
I smell your skin,
all woods and flowers and musk.
I ache with yearning for you,
as you step into my soul;
Every butterfly in Eden dances in my belly.


grandika said...

good article

Ruth said...

This is beautiful Sarah, Ruth xxxx

Angel said...

This is beautiful!!!!