Monday, October 8, 2007

Sarah's Book

I am writing a book about my experiences of sexual abuse and incest and the path I have chosen of continuous healing. Please share your stories with me. I may include some in my book. My book is about the entire gamut of experience, my birth, that first molestation, all the way through to my awakening at 20 when I met my husband, learning to choose a healthy man, the transformation of my soul as I became a mother, breaking ties with the blood family, overcoming denial, choosing healthy ways of healing- like art and animals, my struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, panic Disorder, and my menagerie of other well as my darker journeys as an adolescent into drugs, unhealthy sex, and deep self destruction. My main message is that healing is possible, it is about conscious choice, being willing to have the courage to face what has happened to you, break ties if you need to, believing in your own light, ripping out that old family tree and planting your brand new one free of secrets and lies, learning how incest family dynamics work, and rediscovering how to love the child within. We are all born with what I call our little box of light, a gem that can NEVER be stolen or snuffed out. We are abused and tortured which shifts our perception of ourselves, we see ourselves distorted, energetically we absorb the projections of our abusers as the hurt us and we turn that against ourselves. We are porous, we absorb their shame, their dirtiness, their self hatred. We can give it back and rebirth our light. Our light is divine and unbreakable. We must return home to our own souls and find it, we have to fight for our light and teach and guide others to do the same.


Ophelia-Dawn Shona said...
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Jane Rowan said...

Thank you for this blog. It helps all of us every time one of us speaks out. Good luck with your book!