Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casey Anthony

Adam Walsh’s murder had finally been solved, and it  got me thinking as I often do, Why do people murder children? Why would someone kidnap and decapitate a six year old boy like Adam Walsh? The murder of Caylee Anthony has triggered me tremendously. I have always felt I could have easily been this child. 
Something I did not know until today: A friend of Casey Anthony told investigators to look in the wooded area where the remains of a young child were found last week, according to Orlando station WFTV.

Kiomarie Cruz told deputies five months ago that the area near Hidden Oaks Elementary School was a favorite childhood hideaway for Casey.  Cruz said she and Casey would  "pretty much used to hang out there most of our time," and would go there to "get away from our parents."

At the time of the tip, search teams weren't able to comb the area because it was underwater.

Last Thursday, a utility worker who went into the wooded area to relieve himself came across a plastic bag.  It contained the skull of a small child with duct tape attached.  Investigators say there is strong evidence the remains are those of 
Caylee Anthony.  

Attorneys for the mother accused of killing Caylee Anthony will not have access to a site where investigators believe they have found the missing toddler's remains, a judge ruled Tuesday. Anthony, 22, faces charges including first-degree murder in the June disappearance of her daughter Caylee, who was 2 at the time. Remains described as being those of a small child were found last week a half-mile from Casey Anthony's parents' home. 
Waiting 31 days to report Caylee Anthony missing, this woman has lied and lied some more. I can see the coldness in her, I can feel it in her. I want to know what happened to this woman that she would do this. I think we MUST know, so that we can try to prevent this kind of monstorous thing from happening again. I just hope we will find out the truth behind these family dynamics. If she has completely repressed it, we may never know but through her actions that something terrible has happened to her for her to be able to kill her own child. I do not believe sociopaths are born but made. 
On the surface, I see an almost Susan Smith like selfishness, she wanted to be free of the responsibility of Caylee. But as with Susan, why KILL the child/children? Where is that rage coming from? Is it rage only, what else is driving that cruelty? To a mental health professional, she fits the description of someone with an antisocial personality disorder - just a fancy name for "sociopath.". The disorder is recognizable by a lack of concern for others, as evidenced by her behavior after Caylee disappeared. She did not call 911 to report her daughter missing; that task was left to her mother, weeks after Caylee disappeared. While her daughter was missing, Casey was out ”clubbing”, buying lingerie and other sundry items for herself from Target, and cooking dinner for her boyfriend and his roommates.

Read the official Discovery Documents to educate yourself on all of the details relating to the Casey Anthony case. 

Henry Lee has just been announced as one of the forensic experts who will be providing evidence for the Casey Anthony trial scheduled for January.


thegirlfromtheghetto said...

Man, this girl is such a cold beotch. My BFF is a child psychologist and we spent Friday night glued to Nancy Grace catching up with the story.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I'm sorry for everything you have went thru. Not that I say this on my own blog, but, I understand what you have dealt with and I am SO SORRY. Good for you for being a strong survivor. You go girl! I'll have to come back often.

Sarah Elise Stauffer said...

she really is. unbelievable, I have 2 kids, and I can not imagine wanting 'freedom' that's not always easy but having children and being a mother to me IS freedom! the selfishness is almost surreal. but what is beneath that veneer is what really interests me.
and THANK you, I love your blog. It's very cool. I'll be linking you here too.