Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcoming Autumn

The seasons shift and stretch, fall coming on the trail of summer. I stand outside, breathing in the scent of falling leaves. I open my windows and allow my home to inhale the sensual essence of autumn. I want to celebrate autumn by beautifying my home. There are many ways to infuse one's home with the beauty and earthiness of fall. Here are a few suggestions: Just yesterday, I noticed a trio of leaves, each at a different stage of turning colors. I brought them in and displayed them in a leaf bouquet in a small jar. Gathering pine cones, oranges, lemons, nuts, and pieces of evergreen and arranging them in an oversized apothecary jar is a lovely way to bring the autumnal into your home. Huckleberry, Southern magnolia, African boxwood, coastal redwood, Japanese euonymus cultivars, various species of acacia and various species of eucalyptus are some examples of species that provide ornamental foliage. Create a wreath from twigs, leaves, and branches. Tuck in pressed leaves and viola!
If you like the colors of autumn, why not bring out special tablecloths, napkins, decorative pillows, linens, and dcor that is expressive of that which you like. I prefer abstract paintings of leaves. The reds, oranges, and yellows are beautiful. A wall tapestry is another way to imbue your home with the spirit of autumn.
Create a centerpiece for your family table with gourds or pumpkins. Burn candles with the scents of fall, some have real leaves that glow when lit creating a gorgeous ambiance. . Hang a windsock or wind chime with a fall theme. Buy a few potted mums to line your windows. Try creating a rustic scarecrow., or make a pumpkin snowman if you dare. Stack 3 pumpkins atop one another, drill holes through the pumpkins and insert a large stick to secure. Add stick arms and decorate away! Wheat bundles make a rustic and elegant decoration. Gather a few and place them in a vase. I personally love my autumn tree angel. She oversees all of this autumn infusion. Cooking dishes such as squash is a wonderful way to fill your kitchen with the feeling of fall. For a more playful approach, use autumn themed cookie cutters for pancakes. You do not have to be a decorating diva in order to create a welcoming autumn feel in your home. With just a little effort and your natural creativity, you can bring the season of autumn inside your home, and your heart.
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