Monday, September 15, 2008

Oprah Today

Dear Supporter:
We just got back from taping The Oprah Show in Chicago and wanted to make sure you, as part of the PROTECT family, tune in this Monday to watch Oprah spread our pro-child, anti-crime message to her more than 40 million viewers. We wanted to share some behind the scenes details with you here in advance.Special Agent Flint Waters demonstrated his computer software that tracks Internet predators and pornographers, leading investigators straight to these criminals' doors-and potentially leading to child rescue. PROTECT's Legislative Affairs Director, Camille Cooper, discussed our Federal bill that will award law enforcement the funding necessary to put this groundbreaking and life-saving new program in play. Ms. Cooper told Oprah and her audience of millions how hard PROTECT's members and supporters have worked on this bill for the past two years. Oprah will be calling upon her vast audience on Monday to demand the Senate passes this legislation.This has been such a long hard battle for many of us, but victory is in sight. In fact, within mere hours following the taping on Thursday, word reached Capitol Hill of Oprah's new role in our campaign, leading a to FOX News headline: "Hurricane Oprah Heading Towards Washington."And now, let's win this final round. Please click here to tell your Senators to stop playing politics and pass the PROTECT Our Children Act. --THE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS AT PROTECT

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