Thursday, June 19, 2008

SATORI on Divine Caroline

SATORI has partnered with Divine Caroline, please check us out there. Divine Caroline is an absolutely wonderful community of women and writers, just like you!
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Namaste and Love to all.

About DC:

Who's Caroline? And what's so Divine about her?

We knew early on that we wanted to use a woman's name. It so happens that one of our founders has a dear friend whose name is Caroline. She's a warm, smart, adventurous woman who you'd like instantly. "Caroline" rhymes with Divine - a word that describes every single woman we know who's working to compose a life. So we went with it. But the site isn't about any "one" woman. It's about every woman and the bonds that connect us even though we've never met.


We don't know any perfect women and if we did, we probably wouldn't want to hang around with them. At DivineCaroline, you'll be spending time with women who embrace the fact that life isn't always easy or beautiful or fair. Our dream is to give you a place to come together and express yourselves. What brings you joy. What breaks your heart. Makes you giggle. What pisses you off. Confuses you. Entertains you. What keeps you strong. And if all that sounds too heady, remember we're also discussing stuff like sketchy relatives and good kissers.


Thanks to DivineCaroline's advertisers, it's free to join, read, write, start Forums and pass things along to your friends. In turn, we do ask that you complete a short registration form. We'd also love for you to be on our email list so we can keep the conversation going, but that's entirely up to you.


Generally speaking, we love them. But we wanted to design a place where women rule and all the things that matter to them could be covered every which way. So, while we won't make a big fuss about them, men are welcome to visit and even contribute. In fact, some men probably won't be able to resist coming and seeing what we're up to.


This site is truly a reflection of its Members, so everyone here is eager for your feedback. Just contact us and let us know what you like or dislike. If there's a story you want us to pursue or a poll you want us to take, please let us know. And finally thank you for taking the time to read about us.

All the best,

The creators of DivineCaroline


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Incest and rape made me think I surely had no future in this world, in my body, in my self. Yet, there was a tiny seedling I held in my heart. A spark lived even as my father raped me, and it was one of wanting, a vision of a vibrant future, filled with laughing children, stars and color, hearts that loved, hearts that mended, safe hands. This propelled me along fiercely, I never let it go. I came close a few times, but I did not let go. No matter what he took from me, what my mind and spirit held he could never take. Something within me has always known wholeness. Something within me recognized wholeness early on, that is why I believe I was able to see it in and feel it to begin with. I recognized it because it was already in me. I want all who have been through the trauma of sexual abuse, incest, rape, and parental abandonment to know that you are capable of healing!

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