Monday, January 14, 2008

Blessing the Light Today

I think it is essential to drum up poetic ways to bless our daily lives. I am at home with my 3 year old, and needless to say it can be difficult to contain all of my creative needs! His are more important right now, so I do what I can! Aside from our dates and fun times spent together, puzzles, dancing, tea drinking, coloring, all of the love and excitement of being with him, I am in the midst of expanding. Not in size, thankfully. I am dilating, and I would know the feeling, after two babies! Spiritually expanding to make room for new ideas. Blessing daily life, the minutiae, the chimera, the flawed moments too, all of what makes our days what they are. It's difficult as a stay at home mother sometimes, nevertheless, the creativity I explode with is not lost in the goings on of my day! I keep a journal handy for jotting down all creative ideas. I make sure to put them to bed early, 8 each night, and give myself time at night. I wake up early to go and run or to sit and think, write, or do yoga. My youngest will be home with me not much longer, so I am making the juiciest adventure possible!
Another idea I had today, especially for survivors but applicable to anyone, is a bedroom blessing. I simply take dried lavender from my beautiful lavender plant, and I sprinkle it quietly around our bed. It's a bit of a ritual. Lavender is what I call a "positive trigger", I have written before about these in which I put a positive spin on a negative term. See, lavender is not only calming, but for me, something I discovered after leaving the blood family behind. I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy. Lavender is a very positive trigger for me, all positive connotations with this plant and scent. I let the lavender sit awhile, I say a prayer or blessing and mediate on that a bit, and I thank the Universe for a safe, loving, sexually healthy marriage, life and bedroom. It's a lovely way to bring sacred energy into the home and into the bedroom, a place where so many of us have been violated, now we can bless it. When we are done with our blessing, our infusion of the divine into our sacred space, we simply vacuum up the lavender. Anything we can do to create a feeling of wholeness within we should do. Make your entire bedroom an outward expression of your truest self. Our truest self is a blessing to the world!

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