Wednesday, November 7, 2007

After Abuse

I want women, and men, to know that there is an amazing life post-abuse. It is possible to heal, to love, to be loved deeply, to make good and healthy choices.We can absolutely love ourselves as we wish to be loved. We, as Women, can choose healthy men to create a partnership with, we can follow our instincts and NOT choose certain men, as attractive to us though they may seem.
I never thought that after being drugged and raped in a motel that I would live to be a wife to a loving man and make babies, to breathe in the fall air, it seemed unlikely. YET, at my core, in my soul, I never gave up on the idea. Don't give up. Ever. I am receiving emails asking about recovering one's sexuality post abuse.
For example, I went through times when I thought my sexuality was ruined. It is absolutely not. My sexuality is healed. It is possible to have an expressive and healthy sexual life after abuse.
I suffered from flashbacks during sex for a long time, of course. But I do not expereince them any longer. Do not lose heart.
With Love, Sarah

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